Hi.  We’re the Urban Amazon and her sidekick, Truth.

This blog is dedicated to recap and commentary of various movies in a hopefully humorous fashion.  The mice in particular are not qualified critics and none of us are interested in ‘serious’ reviewing methods.  We’re more of the ‘throw popcorn at the screen and shout advice at the top of our lungs’ crowd.

The movies you’ll find discussed here are mostly of the horror/action/adventure/science fiction and fantasy genres, as that’s where our interests primarily lie.  We have our own categories and they range from ‘Zombies: Hold the Apocalypse’ through ‘I’m in Luddite Hell’ and ending up at ‘Lies the Real Estate Agent Told’.

Our efforts will, hopefully, amuse and entertain.

We would like, however, to draw your attention to the ‘recap’ part of the above explanation.  There will be spoilers.  Constantly.  For those of you looking for a brief, spoiler-free summation and a truncated opinion, we’ll try to provide one at the beginning of each entry.

Also as a moment of forewarning… our collective sense of humour has been called ‘weird’, ‘deranged’, and sometimes even ‘Canadian’.  Your mileage may vary.


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